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Yesterday we went on a 5 mile-in / 5 mile-out wagon ride to an Adirondack Great Camp, Camp Santanoni, located in an Adirondack wilderness-designated area. The reason for the wagon ride, instead of our usual walk-in, was that one of our company is not able to make such a walk.

Camp Santanoni is a National Historic Landmark now owned by New York State-which acquired it and its thousands of surrounding acres from the owners-and is now managed by a local Architectural and Cultural Historic Preservation organization.

The "camp" itself is comprised of 5 separate "cottages" all on one continuous deck under one continuous roof covering 13,000 sq. ft.. The property also had-all of the building are still there-a full working farm-raising cattle, goats, pigs, poulty, produce and a creamery. The camp had a staff of over 80 workers. Hence the title of a "great" camp.

Camp Santanoni differed from other great camps of the era inasmuch as it was designed and built in a Japanese aesthetic style. That was the result of the fact that owner / builder was the son of the 2nd US Ambassador to Japan-appointed by President Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s-who, as a young child, accompanied his father to live in Japan.

Simply stated, it is a "great' place to visit.