ku # 1415 / rist camp diaries # 5-6 ~ just watching the clouds go by

early evening /from the porch ~ Rist Camp/Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) • iPhone

As my Rist Camp project continues, I am playing with the type presentation on the Polaroid border.

Fortunately, the Polamatic app saves files in the app's library. Files which can be opened and re-edited. The type can be changed and/or moved. So, while my first-blush type presentation may not be consistent from picture to picture, eventually it will be.

I am also contemplating the idea that, since I am making more than 1 picturea a day, it's also possible that at the end of the project I might change a picture (or a few) for any given day. Although, if I do make a swap, the new picture will have been made on the same day as designated on the Polariod border.