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best of ku / 2017

best of civilized ku / 2017

best of the new snapshot / 2017

When I started to select my best of picture from 2017 my intention was to select one picture as the best of 2017. However, as I was looking through my 2017 picture, it became apparent that I needed to pick a best of picture from each of my primary bodies of work - ku (the natural world), civilized ku (evidence of humankind) and the new snapshot.

While I have a number of sub-catagories which fall under those primary bodies of work, I felt that choosing one best of from all of those additional bodies of work would kinda defeat the purpose of trying to narrow the selection down to just a few best of pictures.

In any event, I discovered a few things about my picture making during the selection process:

1. Over the years I have move from making primarily ku pictures to making many more civilized ku pictures.
2. Since the inception of my iPhone the new snapshot making, I have made many more the new snapshot pictures than ku / civilized ku combined.
3.That written, the new snapshot picture making does include ku, civilized ku and people referents as well as few of my sub-categories.

The net result of those conculsions is that I intend, during 2018, to concentrate on making more ku (especially so) / civilized ku (and their sub-categories) pictures utilizing my µ4/3 cameras. Only time will tell if I can stick to that (New Years) resolution.