the new snapshot ~ the border question and more's the pity





As I have been cruising along in my the new snapshot picture making delirium, I have been experimenting with various border types. As seen above, Polaroid Spectra border with album corners and tape (1), unadorned Polaroid Spectra border (2), SX 70 border with caption (3), and a traditional drug store processing deckled edge (4).

I was experimenting with different border treatments while operating under the assumption that I needed to find the "perfect" border and then would use that border for all of my the new snapshot pictures. However, when I was making a few 16-picture assemblage prints, I made 1 print where I mixed pictures with different borders - #s 2,3,4. I very much liked the result because it was less regimented in appearance. And .... it occurred to me (duh) that traditional snapshots were made with all kinds of camera formats so it made perfect sense to use different border types.

With that issue put to bed, I started to ruminate on the manner in which I would make prints for wall display (home, gallery, etc.). I eventually came to the conclusion that, since most modern snapshots are made and displayed on digital devices, the best way to present them - no matter which border they have - was to picture them on a screen of one kind or another. The cell phone being the most common display device, I decided to experiment with making a picture of a picture on the cell phone screen.

All of which led to another question ... on what kind of background would the cell phone sit? The anwer to that question is seen in the top most picture in this entry. I find the empty frame to be the perfect counterpoint to picture display on screen vs. as a print in a frame.

More's the pity that so few pictures made with a cell phone will ever see the light of day as a printed picture.