civilized ku # 5011-15 ~ finger licking good

Hattie's Chicken Shack ~ Saratoga Springs, NY (click to embiggen)

Hattie ~ Saratoga Springs, NY (long ago) (click to embiggen)

Wall crack with OOF sweetener packets  / Hattie's ~ (click to embiggen)

painting / Hattie's (click to embiggen)

Chicken cooking guy / Hattie's (click to embiggen)

Another hockey weekend, this time around Albany, NY. The games were spread out in 3 different rinks. Midpoint in the 50 mile drive from one rink to another, the wife and I stopped in Saratoga Springs for cigars and lunch.

Saratoga Springs is a target-rich environment for restaurants, options galore. I had just been reminded about a restaurant - Hattie's - which has been a Saratoga Springs' institution since 1938. Common wisdom has it that Hattie's offers the best fried chicken in the known fried chicken universe and after my fried chicken lunch I was more than inclined to agree with that assessment.

Writing of after lunch, for dessert we were treated to Hugo's game winning goal with only 5 seconds left on the afternoon game clock. It was very sweet indeed.

FYI, you can read all about Hattie Here.