civilized triptych # 4 ~

the pool / lone swimmer ~ Stone Harbor, NJ

Now that I am on Squaresapce 7 I am beginning to believe that SS is being run by tech heads who have absolutely no idea regarding how to develop an intuitive ease of use blogging platform. It is also pretty obvious that, unlike many other web service providers, they also do not understand the idea of drag and drop.

In making entries I have been trying to place - with great difficulty - the title of the post above the picture in the entry. After contacting SS Help I have been told there is a workaround to do that. A further inquiry revealed there was not a workaround but rather a deep dive into an advanced setting in order to turn off a default "feature".

Dense, non-intuitive, stupid. End of rant.

Maybe next entry I'll get into the "improved" method (NOT) of using HTML code for text entries.