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autumn colors ~ in the Adirondack APRK (embiggenable) • µ4/3

autumn color ~ in the Adirondack APRK (embiggenable) • µ4/3

After yesterday's entry in which I pondered the problem of what to do with what might be considered an excessive number of prints made from my photo library, I stumbled across a possible, at least in part, solution.

As I was clicking around the Parabo Press site looking for an inexpensive possibility for hanging large prints, I landed on their booking making section. And, lo and behold, in addition to their free-forever 4"x4" (upsizeable to 5.5"x5.5") square prints, they also offer a free soft cover "5.5"x5.5" photobook (upsizeable to 8"x8"). The pictures - no more or less than 32 pictures - are printed on premium matte paper.

To be perfectly clear, you have no controal over picture flow and there are but 4 layout options (captions optional). That written, the 1 picture on a clean white pape option is perfect for my intentions. Since I am using the service for my the new snapshot work, the random picture flow also works well for me.

So, here I sit eagerly awaiting my first 2 free books. I'll let you know the results.