Civilized ku # 5265 / rist camp diaries # 12-13 (ku / civilized ku) ~ mistakes happen

reflection ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

star gazing ~ (embiggenable) • µ4/3

Milky Way ~ (embiggenable) • µ4/3

During my stay at Rist Camp there have been too many guests and other diversions of one sort or another for me to keep up with my intended blog posting. I have kept up with my picture-a-day project with those pictures posted on Instagram and the occasional Facebook post.

In any event, in today's entry there is picture, star gazing, which could be labeled as an accidental success. The picture appears to be a double exposure when, in fact, it is a single exposure. The picture is the result of my unintenional shutter activation while I was placing the camera on a stone wall in preperation for making a picture of the northern lights, aka: Aurora Borealis. The shutter speed was long enough to capture, as the camera was descending, the star gazing figure (who was illuminated by light from the camp) and subsequently, when the camera was in place on the stone wall, to capture the northern lights, aka: Aurora Borealis. And, to be honest, I didn't check the picture on the LCD screen, assuming it was just a blurry mistake.

It is often stated that "mistakes happen" but, in my experience, they rarely turn out so well.