instagram-ish # 1-3 ~ only because I can

For reasons known only by my inner demons, I have been playing around making my own "instragram filters". I wrote "known only by my inner demons" because, as a practioner of straight photography, when it comes to effects for effects sake, I ain't fer it, I'm agin it. So, obviously, this is truly a case of the devil made me do it.

However, there is a more straight forward rationale for this sseemingly bizzare behavior. It seems, from my experience with juried exhibitions and my observations of pictures selected, that no matter theme of an exhibition photo-effects are de rigueur. So, amongst my submissions for an exhibition, Honoring Trees, there will be, in addition to my straight pictures of trees, a few "instragram filter"-like pictures. Just to test the waters, don'tcha know.

I must admit that part of my "experiment" is to see if one of instagramish pictures is accepted into the exhibition so that I can say/write, "Ha. there, I did it".