civilized ku # 5090 / the new snapshot # 88-90 ~ taking a risk

hockey rink bathroom entrance ~ Canton, MA (embiggenable)

the genesis of my 2nd Great Aawakening (re: the medium of photography and its apparatus)

Now that I am back at my "real"computer I have begun to process pictures made with my "real" cameras during my recent travels.

The hockey rink bathroom entrance picture is one such picture. A picture which, as I was making it, got me a few what-the-hell-is-he-doing looks. Looks which one might expect when one is picturing the entrance to a bathroomin a hockey rink filled with kids. Sometimes you just have to take a risk to get the picture.

FYI, I have referred to my 2nd Great Awakening a couple times. Not wanting to leave my blog readers wondering, I am getting together my thoughts on the matter and will write about it within the next few days.