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Mentioned in yesterday's entry was my quest for a well above average hot dog. That mission was successfully accomplished thanks to our host Rich who co-piloted us to CALLAHAN'S. The hot dogs (deep fried) were excellent - I had mine covered with chili.

The hot dog quest was instigated by a conversation about special hot dogs and eventually about the so-called "stands" which sold them. The original "stands" were wood construction eateries, most of which begin operating in the '50s. In my former home town of Rochester, NY there are a number of individually owned and operated number of "stands", some with satellite locations. And, FYI, these original stands sold hots, burgers, italian sausage, fries, rings, shakes, soda and the like.

a   typical original hot dog stand   ~ Rochester, NY

a typical original hot dog stand ~ Rochester, NY

All of that written, the only disappointment of the hot dog quest was that CALLAHAN's was not in an original-type structure (even though it started out in one). I, for one, prefer and like my hot dogs served and consumed in a funky patinaed '50s era stand which makes it a "genuine" experience.

CALLAHAN'S, on the other hand, has created an ersatz Disneyland-esque caricature of a hot dog stand. To my eye and sensibilities, it all seems to be rather "fake". Sorta like it's a tarted-up - there is nothing subtle about it - decor exercise meant to be entertaining rather than authentic.

Then again, given the fact that CALLAHAN'S is located in the land of wretched excess (nothing exceeds like excess) gigantic over-the-top ersatz McMansions, they have hit their target clientele smack-dab in the center of the bullseye.