Polaroid transfer (simulated) # 1 ~ keeping on keeping on

Homestead Restaurant / simulated Polaroid transfer ~ Alexandria Bay / 1000 Islands, NY (click to embiggen)

There are times like now during which I feel as though (for me) I have made every picture there is to be made. That every picture I make is an act of repeating my picture making self over and over again.

While I continue to make pictures during these periods and eventually work my way out of it, this time seems to be different. I will continue to make pictures, however, at the core of it, I am actively searching for a new picture making means of expression.

That written, I don't believe I will find a new direction by thinking about it. It seems to me that my main sourse of action to is make lots of pictures about which I really don't care very much. In doing so, it is my hope, that I will stumble upon a some prick to my eye and sensibilities which will be the genmination of a new manner of picture making.

To be certain, by "a new manner of picture making" I do not mean a new style or technique. Rather, I mean an attention to a referent which is different from those to which I have been paying attention. Or, quite possibly an existing referent to which I have not been paying enough attention - my In Situ work comes to mind.

In any event, I'll just keep on keeping on and see what happens.