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While in New Jersey during the holidays, I purchased a photo book called, appropriately, THE PHOTO BOOK. The book, which weighs 13 lbs., is a compilation of pictures - 1 ea. from 562 different picture makers. I am about half way through the book and am surprised by how many pictures I am familiar with.

That written, one overriding impression I am left with is that everything that can be pictured has been pictured. And, just about every manner of making pictures is well represented.

Each picture is accompanied by a short discription re: about the picture and the picture maker and his/her M.O./vision. And, when appropriate, historical context inasmuch as the pictures cover picture making from the medium's very beginning.

Is the book intersting? Yes, it is. Was it worth the price? Yes, inasmuch ass it was on the book store post-holiday sale rack for the price of $28.83USD (appoximately 50% of retail price). Also worth mentioning is the fact that the book is published by Phaidon, a very well respected publisher of such books.