civilized ku # 1511 / the new snapshot # 153-54 ~ a return to the good ol' days

window graffiti ~ East Village / NYC (embiggenable) • µ4/3

green vase / morning light ~ East Village, NYC (embiggenable) iPhone

flowers in vase ~ East Village, NYC (embiggenable) iPhone

Spent 3 days in NYC to attend a birthday party.

Took my the new snapshot prints and everyone was quite impressed, especially the fact that the prints were free prints. At least 20 people downloaded the Parabo app with the intention of ordering some free prints.

The other very intersting thing was that nearly everyone who viewed the prints was quite taken with the fact that the pictures-even though they were made with iPhone-were pictures which you could hold in your hand. They thought that was really cool, really cool. It was as if they had just discovered that pictures look different (and better) as prints rather than they look when viewing them on a cell phone screen.

Image that.