ku # 1414 / the new snapshot 104-07 ~ making conversations

sundown / Rist Camp ~ Newcomb,NY • in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable)

painted roadside erratic

sunlight in sink

sunlight on wall thru old rolled glass

surveying the hunting grounds

Tuesday morning and I am finally settled in at Rist Camp. After a late afternnon arrival on Saturday, Sunday was spent driving to and from Canada for a hockey game. Monday was home and back for pet retrieval along with some other things.

The computer is all set up and I am catching up on creating my end of some PHOTOGRAPHS IN CONVERSATION for submission to a LENSCRATCH online exhibition. It's fun stuff and I'll most likely try to continue having "conversations" after the exhibition exercise is finished.

Anyone intersted in having some "conversations"?

all pictures made with iPhone 7 Plus camera module.