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Pursuant to yesterday's questions ...

Am I an iPhone convert? Could I downsize my picture making gear to just an iPhone? Should I use just an iPhone?

... the answers are; yes, no, no.

My conversion is complete. Without a doubt I can write that an iPhone 6S Plus is, under many picture making circumstances, a very good picture making device for the types of pictures I tend to make. In fact, in some cases, it is just as good as my "real" m4/3 cameras, although, it yields a slightly smaller file size. And, inasmuch as I intend to now use it on a much more frequent basis, primarily for my the new snapshot work, I am moving up to an iPhone 7 Plus.

Could I use an iPhone for all of my picture making? No. The iPhone creates only JPEG files which are much less malleable than the RAW files I need to realize most of my "regular" picture making vision. That written, it is worth noting that using the HDR setting when using the iPhone does produce JPEG image files which are HDR-look free, yet does yield increased shadow and highlight detail. Nevertheless, I will continue to use my m4/3 cameras for virtually all of my "serious" work.

Regarding my the new snapshot work, the iPhone is the perfect "snapshot" camera. And, in addition, I am very enamored of the ability to process, in a manner of minutes, my snapshots - using the Snapseed and Wood Camera apps - to a finished state, all accomplished on the iPhone. A finished state which yields beautiful printed pictures. Not to mention the fact that, within approximately 5 minutes, a picture can be made, processed and on my Instagram page


FYI ...

iPhone picture processed to my normal presentation