civilized ku # 5068-72 ~ not exactly a waste of time but ...

lawn chairs ~ Chaffey's Lock, ONT CA (embiggenable)

evening view from the cottage ~ Chaffey's Lock, ONT CA (embiggenable)

rocker on the cottage porch~ Chaffey's Lock, ONT CA (embiggenable)

Canadian National Gallery of Art ~ Ottawa, ONT CA (embiggenable)

sunset at the lock ~ Chaffey's Lock, ONT CA (embiggenable)

Pictures from our recent trip to Chaffey's Lock - with a rainy day side trip to Ottawa.

I had previously mentioned that I was looking forward to visiting the Canadian National Gallery of Art, during my 5 day sojourn in Chaffy's Lock, in order to view the photography exhibition, Photography in Canada: 1960–2000. So I did visit and, unfortunately, and iMo, the exhibition was very underwhelming.

One example of my disappointment were the 2 pictures (1 ea.) by Jeff Wall and Edward Burtynsky. I am a great admirer of their work so it was very disappointing to see that the prints on exhibit were far from their best work. That, taken together with the fact that, for my eye and sensibilities, there were far too many examples of work which were made under the influence of the academic lunatic MFA fringe motif made for an underwhelming viewing experience. You know what kind of pictures I am writing about, those accompanied by an artist speaking-out-of-their-own-asshole statements.

So, if you are in the neighborhood of the National Gallery, see the exhibition. If you are not in the neighborhood of the exhibition, iMo, is not worth your effort to get to the neighborhood.