civilized ku # 5041-43 ~ beats the hell out of a fast-food burger

who doesn't love pitas? ~ Highland Park Diner menu - Rochester, NY (embiggenable)

diner interior ~ Rochester, NY (embiggenable)

diner exterior ~ Rochester, NY (embiggenable)

On the drive to Amherst, NY it was dinner time when we hit the Interstate exit for Rochester, NY. That exit feeds directly onto an expressway into the city where the Highland Park Diner is immediatley adjacent to an expressway exit. Easy on, easy off. So, we made the decision to eat dinner at the diner.

The diner is in my growing up neighborhood, aka: Swillburg, and I hung out there as a youth. At that time it was the Superior Diner which closed in the 70s and became an OTB (Off Track Betting) parlor. In turn, when that closed (cira 1984), it became a diner once again

Consequently, during most of my visits to Rochester, I try to eat at least one meal at the diner - breakfast is my favorite.

FYI, I am partial to diner dining and search them out in my many travels. 2 of my "regulars" are the Penn Queen Diner in Pennsauken, NJ (near the wife's hometown) and the Parkway Diner in South Burlington, Vermont.

Then there is the West Tagnkanic Diner in Ancram, NY, the location for a commercial, starting Tom Bodett, I made (wrote, directed and produced) for I ❤ NY - the NYS Dept. of Economic Development which promotes tourism - in this case, NYS Scenic Byways - in New York City and New York State.