civilized ku # 5263 # / diptych # 235 ~ for your perusal

Schellengers Restaurant ~ Wildwood, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

sill sitters ~ embiggenable) • µ4/3 / iPhone

Presented above are 2 pictures of the same referents, one made with the iPhone camera module (JPRG format, HDR setting), the other with a "real" camera (Olympus E-P5 / RAW format). The pictures were made with approximately the same focal length lens.

While the pictures are not identical inasmuch as I would have had to use a much smaller aperture on the Oly picture in order to mimic the same DOF as the iPhone picture. Nevertheless, in terms of native resolution / sharpness (none applied to either in processing), color fidelity, dynamic range, et al, the results are very close to identical. In fact, when viewed as 20"x20" prints from a normal viewing distance, they are identical, image quality wise.

FYI, tomorrow I am heading out to our camp for the month of September. I will respond to Julian Behrisch Elce's request-I’d love to hear you unpack "I am desperately trying to avoid going all the way,” on Sunday or Monday at the latest.