civilized ku # 3580-84 ~ pictures pictures everywhere

Lake Michigan ~ Racine, Wisconsin (embiggenable) • iPhone

the L train ~ Chicago, Illinois (embiggenable) • iPhone

Lafayette Cemetery ~ New Orleans, Louisiana (embiggenable) • iPhone

Wingspread ~ Racine, Wisconsin (embiggenable) • iPhone

Johnson Wax bldg ~ Racine, Wisconsin (embiggenable) * iPhone

Back home and trying to figure out how I am going to handle the approximately 700 pictures I made on our 3,000+ mile trip. I used the iPhone camera module for 99% of my picture making and, for 97% of that time, it performed quite admirably. For the othere 3% it performed adequately.

My challenge will be to edit down, from all of the pictures, to a reasonable number of pictures to make photo books. Books ... because, due the number of pictures, there will most likely be 3 books, one for each segment of the trip - New Orleans, Chicago and Racine.

On this trip, if I had not been trying to "be in the moment", as opposed to picturing the moment, there were opportunities to make enough pictures to make books of some of the individual places we experienced. One such place was Hobnob, a traditional / classic Wisconsin Supper Club in Racine, Wisconsin right on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Everything about it was straight out of the late 50s/early 60s (opened in 1954) - the atmosphere, the decor, the menu, the drink menu and the service (at a true supper club, 2-3 hours for the meal / experience is standard). If I hadn't been in the moment (thanks to the wife's "encouragement"), I could have easily made 20 pictures for a photo book. More's the pity, but the wife was happy so I was too.