civilized ku # 5173 / vintage snapshot # 8-12 ~ message in a bottle

After yesterday's Color Riot entry, I thought a bit of monochromatic might be a good idea. FYI, the Polaroid pictures are a find from my previously mentioned antique shop adventure.

RE: the Polariod pictures ... while they certainly quailfy as snapshots, they appear to be a more serious attempt at making pictures inasmuch as the picture maker was required to focus the lens and make some sort of exposure decision. Perhaps there was even an attempt at making "art". Whatever the case, I - as a picture maker - chose them because I liked them and because, as far as I know, there are no rules for collecting snapshots.

That written, on Easter Sunday when all the inlaws were gathered together, a few of them expressed an interest in viewing my snapshot find. Interestingly, but not a surprise to me, every person who viewed the pictures responded with great interest and commentary with those pictures which were people referential - ones like those from 2 entries ago. The Polaroids were given rather scant attention

Without a doubt that reaction was driven by the viewer's ability and inclination to picture him/herself in similar pictures, situations or knowing someone who has been in similar pictures and/or situations. Or, in other words, they made a personal connection to the pictures.

The viewers had absolutely no knowledge regarding the pictured people, places, things or events. Nevertheless, other people's snapshots, aka: personal memories, have the ability to instigate memories in people with whom they (the picture makers) have no connection or knowledge.*

I find that fact absolutely fascinating. Fine Art pictures come and go but snapshots have a staying power like no other pictures.

*Think of the pictures as kinda like a message in a bottle cast out to sea. No knows where or in whose hands the message might end up.