the new snapshot # 248-51 (civilized ku) ~ a walk on the wild(wood) side

no walk thru ~ Wildwood, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

Wildwood, NJ ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

As coincidence would have it, I drew one of my brothers-in-law's (who has an interest in making pictures-Olympus M4/3 + a few lenses) name for the annual family Xmas gift exchange event/party. He, like the rest of the wife's family, is a South-Jersey-Shore-O-Phile. Hence my annual week at the Shore visit.

During this summer's visit past, I drove the teens to the very nearby Wildwood amusement piers for a a day of amusing themselves. After dropping them off, I spent some time driving around and making some pictures of the beautifully restored 50's/60's architecture and signage to be found in the area. I did not make a comprehensive survey of such but I did come back with some nice pictures.

So it was with great surprise, on the day I drew my brother-in-law's name, that I came across a book, EBB TIDE, by Tyler Hauchey. Gift giving solved. But then I thought, why not add a print of one of my Wildwood pictures to the gifting? Upon trying to decide which one to print, I decided to print 4 pictures ganged style.

In addition to the aforementioned coincidence, within a day or two of discovering the book and looking at my Wildwood pictures, I came across-coincidence # 2-a call for entries for an juried exhibition, A Color Moment at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT. According to the call for entries ...

The photographs in this exhibit will be chosen less for technique and more for the pure passion captured in a moment in which color is a key element.

Don't think I'll have much trouble finding 5 pictures-the submission fee of $35.00US covers 5 pictures-to submit. No more than 2 of my 5 submissions will be Wildwood pictures inasmuch as I have plenty of pictures "about color" to choose from.

FYI, during next year's Shore visit, my plan is to return (multiple times) to Wildwood to make pictures during the twilight hour when the architecture and signage is aglow with neon light.