civilized ku # 5248 / diptych # 230 ~ by another other name

on Main Street  ~ Saratoga Springs, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

the "toy"  ~ Lake Placid, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

Went to Saratoga Springs yesterday to buy a new toy. Mission accomplished. Drove it home.

The "toy" is a 500C Abarth Turbo Cabrio. That means it has an Abarth tuned turbo 1.4L motor, manual transmission, Abarth tuned sport suspension / discs / calibers / wheels and tires, a sweet rorty exhaust note - all wrapped together under a powered fold-back soft top roof. Leather seats (heated) and lots of other accessories / electronics adorn the interior. All-in-all a finely tuned pocket rocket that's flat out fun, fun, fun.

BTW, some might call it a Fiat-although, the name does not appear anywhere on the car-but they do so with the risk of being stung by my pet scorpion.