Civilized ku # 3657-3660 ~ up against the wall

Rain on windshield ~ Wildwood, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

dune after rain ~ Stone Harbor, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

remnants ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

Hugo and the tiniest Remo ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

Today is my last day at the South Jersey Shore. Tonight I set out on another dash through the night, this time to home.

Over the past 5 days, the number of pictures in my photo library has increased by approximately 125 pictures. Undoubtedly, a few more will be added today .... photographic discursive promiscuity at work.

Some of those pictures are of the I-was-there studium variety. Others are of a more personally pricking/bruising punctum variety. Still others are more of an exercise in formal visual seeing. That written, individual viewers will see them as they see fit.

In any event, inasmuch as I am a it's-not-a-photograph-unless-it's-printed guy, a good number of those pictures-40?-will end up in an Impressions and Memories ~ South Jersey Shore 2019 photo book. About that same number will be printed as 5x5inch prints and a couple pictures will end up on the wall as 24x24inch prints.

That written, I will never understand why anyone makes pictures and doesn't make prints.