vintage snapshots # 1-7 ~ I found a gold mine

While in North Jersey, during a search for a chocolate-covered vanilla-cream filled donut as well as a well above average hot dog, I came upon an antique shop that looked to be a well worn antique in and of itself. Add to that allure the fact that it was a warm sunny day so the owner - somewhat of a patenaed character himself - was lounging on an antique chaise sette out in front of the shop, all of which virtually demanded a stop and look see.

I was pleased as punch upon entering the shop inasmuch as it was even better than I thought it would be as indicated by the exterior. It was crammed with shelves (no antique furniture other than what was outside) that were in turn crammed - literally, every square inch - with stuff. Even though the shop was a small single room, I could have spent an entire day in the place and not seen everthing there was to see.

Fortunately, one of the things I did see was a floor standing jewerly cabinet with 10 drawers which, upon investigation, were filled with old snapshots. The wife immediately gave me a look which implied that my time to browse the collection was short so I quickly sorted through the top 2 drawers and selected 20 pictures which looked good - interesting referents and decent condition - to me.

The only remaining objective was to find out how much $$$ was required to leave the shop as a happy guy. Fortune smiled on me once again inasmuch as the cost was a mere $10.00USD.

RE: During my donut quest I had been waxing nearly poetic about Krispy Kreme donut shops because they are the only donut shops where I can be assured of finding chocolate-covered vanilla-cream-filled donuts. Unforunately, they seem to be few and far between. So it was Karma that, while my donut quest was unsuccessful, I was able to settle for a reasonable consolation prize in the form of a Krispy Kreme delivery truck bank - another item I found at the aforementioned antique shop.