the new snapshot # 41 ~ what are the odds

Long story short cuz I'm headed to West Point (US Army Military Academy), where Hugo has spent a week at hockey camp, to watch his camp exhibition game.

The story: since I am committed to making a lot of iPhone camera module the new snapshot pictures, I wanted to acquire the new (until the next one) iPhone 7 Plus which, as part of its dual lens setup, has a Portrait mode which creates a nice soft background when makng pictures of people or things within 8 feet of the camera. Apple calls it the DEPTH EFFECT. So yesterday I pulled the trigger and took the plunge.

All things considered, the migration of data /etc. from my 6 to the 7 was very smooth. And, after a few tests of the DEPTH EFFECT - the picture in this entry was made using it and no soft focus / blur was used in the processing of the picture - I can say that, even though the effect is BETA, I like it.

HOWEVER, the fly in the soup, phone "upgrade" wise, is that the Wood Camera app (and ONLY that app) - the app I use to process my the new snapshot pictures - is not compatible with or available for the iOS on the 7 Plus.

Shit on a shingle (US Army expression).