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Friday morning light ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

seen and pictured ~ Quebec City, Canada (embiggenable) • iPhone

seen and pictured ~ Quebec City, Canada (embiggenable) • iPhone

So, here I sit in a slightly perplexed state of mind, picture making wise. That mental state comes from realizing, after prepping 45 pictures-from my Quebec City trip-for a POD book, that if all of my "real" camera gear were to be instantly vaporized, I would be happy as a clam for the rest of my picture making life making pictures with my iPhone. Without a doubt, the iPhone camera module is an excellent picture making device for approximately 95.8% of my picture making endeavors.

That sentiment is made possible for a number of reasons:

1. for my personal "serious" picture making, I am essentially a 1 lens man. And, the "normal" lens-a moderate wide angle-on the iPhone suits my vision just fine. And, the ever so moderate tele lens is there when I want it.
2. the HDR function of the iphone camera "brain" does a great no-fuss/no muss job of creating full light range pictures (with an extra measure of highlight/shadow information that can be pulled out in processing)
3. And, add to # 1 and 2 the ease of use and convenience of the device making it one of the best don't-have-to-think-about-it (set and forget it) and just concentrate-on-"getting'-the-picture camera/device I have ever used.

Does 1-3 mean I am abandoning my "real" cameras? The answer is "No". However, in a weird twist of events, it does mean that, on my train travel around part of America trip (starting tomorrow), I will bring along my "real" cameras and 2 lenses-which mimic the iPhone's 2 focal lengths-as my backup cameras in case of any iPhone problems. They may also be put to use in very extremely low-light-the iPhone camera module does quite well in typical low-light situations-picture making situations.

To be certain, the "real" cameras are not being assigned to my already quite large dust bin of cameras past. They will be used for a handful of future projects for which they are ideally suited.