civilized triptych # 5 ~ the last hurrah

pool Hugo ~ Stone Harbor, NJ

Last day at Stone Harbor. It has been too damn hot and humid to venture out and pursue any civilized triptych picture making. Except of course, out in the pool making pictures. Today's temp is currently 91F. At Rist Camp - where I am headed tomorrow - it is 81F. Over the next 5 weeks at Rist Camp I will be out and about refining my civilized triptych picture technique.

I do have one concern as I pursue the triptych thing. That is that I will miss single picture civilized ku / ku opportunities if I am constantly looking for triptych opportunities. The reason for that is quite simple - my regular picture making routine is to simply make pictures of whatever it is that pricks my eye and sensibilities. In other words, no particular picture making objective in mind.

Being on the lookout for triptych opportunities is a very focused picture making objective which requires actively pursuing such an objective. In a very real sense, it is the difference between being a passive picture maker - waiting for the picture to come to you - as opposed to being an pro-active picture maker - attentively looking for a very specific picture making opportunity.

Perhaps, when all is said and done, I will be able to strike a balance by letting pictures come to me, making a square single picture and then creating a triptych instigated by that sighting.