the new snapshot # 38-40 ~ cheaters never win

kitchen sink with dinner remains

lawn chairs with sunset

red truck in the rain

Knowing that I will never stop making pictures with my "real" cameras, I am working on a desktop processing workflow which in the end creates a pretty reasonable simulation of the new snapshot pictures made and processed on my iPhone.

I think I'm coming close inasmuch as the three pictuures in today's entry are; 1 made with my iPhone camera module and processed on that device, 1 made with my iPad camera module and sent to my desktop for PhotoShop simulation processing, and, 1 made with a "real" camera and sent to my desktop for processed PhotoShop simulation processing.

When it's all said and done, I believe that it's difficult to discern which is which. Anyone wish to venture a quess?

While I have no desire or intention of "cheating" in the making of my the new snapshot pictures, there will be times when the iPhone camera module will not be suitable for capturing a referent in the manner in which wish to present it.

FYI, when using my iPad, with its 10 inch screen, to make the picture in this entry, I felt like I was using a view camera relative to the iPhone screen. However, each device makes the same 12mp file. Interesting perception nevertheless.