civilized ku # 5308 ~ teetering on the brink

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I am in the throes of a full-fledged picture making dilemma. The accompanying angst has nothing to do with what I picture or my vision (aesthetically, aka: the manner in which I "see" what I picture). Rather, it is all about how (the mechanics) I picture things.

To be specific, re: the "how" thing, I have become addicted-not really the right word-to making pictures with the iPhone. Or, perhaps re-phrased, I have become accustomed to making pictures with the iPhone. Case in point, over the past couple months, all of my picture making has been accomplished with the iPhone.

That picture making with the iPhone qualifies as the "accustomed to" part of the equation. The "addicted to" part is attributable to the ease of making a picture with the iPhone, immediately processing it on the iPhone* (or iPad), and then seeing the finished picture, all within a matter of minutes.

And, have no doubt about it, for 95% of my picture making the image quality-technically speaking-of so made pictures is very, very good. I can produce exhibition quality prints-22x22inch image centered on 24x24inch paper-which, by any measure, are beautiful prints.

So, you might ask, given all that, where's the angst? Well, after considerable thoughtful consideration, I believe I have the answer ....

.... as I sit here typing away, I am surrounded by an incredible array of professional picture making gear - 35mm Nikon system (2 bodies, 6 lenses), 120 Bronica ETR system (2 bodies, 4 film backs, 3 lenses), 3 4x5 view cameras (1 field, 2 studio, 4 lenses, 20 film holders) and 1 8x10 view camera (3 lenses, 10 film holders) + 1 light meter, 1 flash meter and assorted Polaroid backs for 120-8x10 formats (not to mention my µ4/3 system - 4 bodies, 5 lenses). Even though I have used none of this gear-µ4/3 system excepted-for almost 20 years, and herein lies the crux of the matter, I still carry the memory of the effort it used to take-using, in my 30-year professional life, the aforementioned gear-to make a good picture.

Given that vivid memory, I believe I am experiencing more than a bit of guilt / confusion-inasmuch as I am "shirking" what should be done to make a good picture-regarding the ease (and accompanying freedom) that comes with the use of the iPhone as my primary picture making device. FYi, I am unable to call the iPhone a camera and that, undoubtedly, is also part of the angst.

All of that written, I think I am at the point of letting go of all of that baggage and just going with the flow. Although, I am equally certain that I will always have my µ4/3 gear with me whenever I leave the house.

*using an app with near Photoshop-like capabilities, at least inasmuch as I use PS.