civilized ku # 5251 ~ longing for home

lazin ' in the sun ~ Stone Harbor, South Jersey Share (embiggenable) • iPhone

I will never understand the allure of sharing a stretch of beach with thousands (literally) of people. Or to be more accurate, tens of thousands of people along the entire barrier island on which I am currently situated. And then there is the heat and humidity under a blazing hot sun.

For me, it's entirely unbearable, made more so by the fact that I live in a vast forest preserve, aka: the Adirondack Park, to which tourists flee to escape the summer heat and crowding of city living. Hell, even the word "vacation" originated, in the late 1800s at the onset of Summer, from the question expressed by the NYC upperclass, "When are you vacating the city?" And, more often that not, that meant vacating to their Great Camps in the Adirondacks.