civilized ku # 4080-81 ~ me and my shadow

me and my shadow ~ Manhattan / NYC, NY (click to embiggen)

wall art • inside / outside ~ Manahattan / NYC, NY (click to embiggen)

Last week I wrote that I would re-process and re-post pictures I made on my recent travels. Pictures which were processed the fly on my iPad with PS Express. In case you haven't noticed, those re-processed picture scan be viewed in the 6 DAYS gallery on my WORK page.

One of the pictures - me and my shadow - which benefitted most with the re-processing is displayed above in this entry. With more control over the elements which appear in the shadow areas of the picture, it is much more obvious that my shadow depicts that there is a camera held up to my face. That added definition / clarity makes my shadow a much more important visual element than it was in the previous on-the-fly processed picture.

In fact, I like this picture so much that it is now designated as my official portrait.