tuscany redux # 2 ~ discursive promiscuity

sunset at altitude ~ enroute to Firenze (embiggenable) • µ4/3

Pursuant to my last entry, wherein I mentioned the idea of "the best comment I ever received, re: my pictures....

.....nearly 2 decades past, as I was presenting my work-a discursive grouping of "fine art" pictures-to a gallery director, he stopped about halfway through my portfolio and asked, "Are you a graphic artist?" (aka: graphic designer). I answered that that line of work was one of my professional pursuits. Whereupon he commented that, regardless of the depicted referent, he could "see my sense of design throughout my work."

Inasmuch as I have stated/written that my pictures are more about "the relationships/ arrangements of color, shapes, and light to themselves or each other" than they are about the depicted referent, I considered his observation to be a very high compliment indeed.

The gallery director's insight indicated to me that he "got it", re: my pictures. Consequently, I could not have been more pleased. And, it was but a short time later that I came to understand and fully embrace my intuitive and seemingly preternatural sense of design which guided-in fact, determined-how I see the world and, by extension, how I picture the world.

Re: how I picture the world ... I have been able, after the fact of making thousands of pictures, to identify distinct categories-identified by depicted referents-into which to place some of my pictures. However, when asked, "What kind of photographs do you make?", my response goes something along the lines of, "difficult to say because I am discursively promiscuous, picture making wise." After which, I have to translate that into an understandable sentence .... "I digess from subject to subject" (aka: discursive behavior) "with an undiscriminating or unselective approach." (aka: promiscuous behavior).

Perhaps, I should be less enigmatic / perplexing in my response and simply state that "I make pictures of everything and anything as long as the subjects exhibit an interesting arrangement or pattern of light, shapes or colors." and let it go at that.