rist camp diaries # 7 / the new snapshot # 247-48 ~ the good ole fashion way

a visit to Hoss's ~ Long Lake/Adirondack PARK, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

In yesterday's entry, I mentioned that I was making more than the 1 picture a day (for rist camp diaries project). Consequently, the question arose (in my head), how do I handle those pictures?

Quite obviously (to me), any "serious" pictures will be handled with my "standard" processing and presentation. For the other pictures (iPhone), it make sense (to me) to handle them in the the new snapshot mode.

The reason why that makes sense should be rather obvious. Polaroid film is much more expensive than regular film. That written, it makes economic sense to limit my Polariod picture making to the 1-picture-a-day project and make the rest of my vacation pictures with regular film. Then take the film to the drugstore for inexpensive processing and printing.

At least that's how my dad would have done it.