civilized ku # 5016 ~ teeming sword of sunlight

a teeming sword of sunlight fractured by a cat ~ Au Sable Forks, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (click to embiggen)

Featured Comment : Mike Cannone wrote: "Were you doing personal photography during your commercial career? I wondered what that might look like."

my response: I did precious little personal picture making during my commercial career. Most of it - 8x10 view camera color negative pictures for a look at some of that work - created in the 1980-86 time frame while I was still in Rochester, NY. For one reason and another after I moved to Pittsburgh, PA my personal picture making tapered off - the prime reason was the time spent shuttling my son around the NE in pursuit of his hockey activity. Time which might have otherwise been used (in part) for personal picture making (no regrets).

Upon moving to the Adirondack PARK (forest preserve), my personal picture making activity was resurrected (see the MANIPULATED # 1 / EARLY KU ~ FINDING IT entry - 2 entries below this) with a twist. While I would have loved to have had a 8x10 view camera reboot, the fact of the matter was simple - no source with 200 miles for 8x10 color negative film and processing and, in my 8x10 hayday, I processed my own film and made my own color prints. So, with digital on the rise and film on the wane, I made the leap into the digital picture making domain.

A benefit of that leap was that, instead of lugging around an 8x10 view camera, a heavy duty tripod and cumbersome film holders, I was able to have a camera or 2 on my person at all times. Needless to write, having a camera or 2 (almost always 2) on my person greatly facilitated the act of making pictures. I most certainly was able to get back in the groove with greater speed than if I had stayed with the 8x10 thing.