civilized ku # 5256-58 ~ back in the saddle again

giant lobster ~ Wildwood, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

Chick fil-A lunch / car hop ~ Cherry Hill, NJ / Wildwood, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

For those of you who might wondering, I have broken up my picture making into to genres - my "serious" work and my the new snapshot work.

Over the last week or so, I have been on vacation. In that circumstance I tend to make snapshots. On occasion, upon viewing snapshot work at a later time (most often when I am back at my computing machine), I realize I made a picture as a snapshot, aka: using the iPhone, but it is "serious" picture worthy.

In that case, I have no worry inasmuch as I regularly print iPhone pictures as large as 19"x19" on 22"x22" (trimmed down from 24"x24" paper) substrate. From a "normal" non--pixel peeping viewing distance, those prints are for all intents and purposes, indistingishable from prints made with a "real" camera 12mp sensor printed at the same size.

I am able to achieve that result even with picture making and processing (Snapseed is an amazing processing app) all performed with and on the iPhone. If I want to be extra persnickety, I download the file-after careful/light Snapseed highlight/shadow adjustments-from iCloud to my computing machine and perform my file processing with Photoshop.

That written, I will continue to use my "real" cameras for my serious work. On occasion I do make 30"x30" prints of that work.

FYI, for some reason beyond my comprehension, really thought that the car hop / Chick-fil-A pictures worked really well together.