civilized ku 4075-76 ~ a little time for me

walker / her shadow and mine ~ Manhattan / NYC, NY (click to embiggen)

NEW YORKER / 34th street ~ Manhattan / NYC, NY (click to embiggen)

First full day in Manhattan and I finally have some downtime for myself. Arrived yesterday and immediately went to B&H to attend a friend's (Mel DiGiacomo) photo /presentation / seminar. Afterward, a mid-Mahattan walk about and new pair of shoes.

Today's a bit of a relaxed no-commitments day. Nowhere to be, nothing on the schedule. Even though it's raining, I'll be headed out to get lunch and maybe, at the wife's suggestion, a pedicure + manicure.

In any event, pictures will be made. And, rain or shine, tomorrow is photo gallery hopping day.