kitchen sink # 41 / the new snapshot # 22 ~ could I? should I?

sink drain strainer ~ Au Sable Forks,NY - in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable)

it is what it says it is

Over the past week or so, the subject of lighter / smaller / downsizing, re: camera gear, has pop-up on a number of sites. Most entries addressed the switch from bulky / heavy DSLRS + their lenses to compact and light mirrorless cameras + their lenses. However, one particular entry on TOP, iPhone Magazine Cover, was of particular interest to me.

AN ASIDE: all of the entries caused me think of this quote from Bill Jay ...

...photographers who carry 60 pounds of equipment up a hill to photograph a view are not suffering enough, although their whining causes enough suffering among their listeners. No, if they really expect us to respect their search for enlightenment and artistic expression, in [the] future they will drag the equipment up the hill by their genitals and take the view with a tripod leg stuck through their foot.

As should be obvious, I have been making quite a number of my the new snapshot pictures - over 70 and counting - all of which are made using my iPhone 6s. After making pictures with it in a variety of situations / light / of referents, I can write that I am quite pleased, somewhat surprised and rather impressed with the phone's - it is NOT a camera - picture making capabilities. And, just as important, I am having a bushel full of fun doing it.

FYI, the fun part derives from the fact that I have become much "looser", more spontaneous and most certainly have an expanded range of what I consider to be picture-worthy referents.

In any event, I went on an online search for iPhone pictures in order to see what was going on in that photo milieu. In doing so, I came upon the iPhone Photography Awards site. An organization which has been "celebrating the creativity of iPhone userd since 2007" and has the archives to prove it. In those archives are some damn impressive pictures. More than enough to create converts for the iPhone cause.

All of that written, the question(s) of the moment is, "Am I an iPhone convert? Could I downsize my picture making gear to just an iPhone? Should I use just an iPhone?"

There are no definitive answers as of yet. However, the pictures in today's entry, both made from the same iPhone picture file suggest that, in many picture making cases, I would have very little to lose.