civilized ku # 5063 / diptych # 218 ~ home and away / what a difference a day makes

Canadians are so polite ~ Byward Market* district • Ottawa, CA (embiggenable)

poutine / game warmups ~ Friday • at the rink / Ottawa, CAN CA (embiggenable)

home and away ~  Sunday • Jay, NY (near Au Sable Forks) / Saturday (Victoria Day) • Ottawa, CA - (embiggenable)

On Friday last, the wife, the Cinemascapist, Hugo and I went to Ottawa, Canada for the Pittsburgh Penguin / Ottawa Senators - game # 5 - Conference Finals hockey game. Had a poutine - french fries, gravy and cheese curds - appetizer with dinner at the rink. Pens won and all was right with the world

The wife and I stayed overnight in Ottawa because Saturday was the wife's birthday and we wanted to have a relaxing day away from home. It was a very nice day and, once again, all was right with the world.

*Byward Market district