civilized ku # 5244-45 / diptych # 226-29 ~ road tripping

road trip ~ (embiggenable) • µ4/3

pool from hotel room window ~ Rochester, NY - (embiggenable) • µ4/3

Kearney girls / diner ~ Rochester, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

PM / AM ~ Rochester, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

Annie's art / Annie + family - photo by me c.1978 ~ Elmira, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

griddle for world record pancake ~ Penn Yan, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

My 3 day road trip - >Rochester>Elmira>Penn Yan - was a fantastic success. Lunch in Rochester with the Kearney H.S. girls, in Elmira (NY Southern Tier) a day with a dinner with Annie (who unexpectedly and suddenly lost her husband 1 year ago) and a 4.5 hr lunch in Penn Yan (NY Finger Lakes Region) with Mike Johnston (of TOP fame fame). Each encounter was very enjoyable and interesting.

FYI, the hammer-blow-upside-my-head of the trip was the impact of standing in front of a toilet (in Annie's home) and being stunned by the picture on the wall in front of me. A picture I made over 40 years ago. Annie's husband, Murray, loved the picture so much, he placed it on the wall behind the toilet so he could view it every time he peed - a somewhat weird honor but an honor nevertheless.

Not nearly as stunning, but impressive nevertheless, was discovering the gigantic griddle used to make the then (1987) World Record Pancake - 28'1". The pancake was cooked before an estimated 5,000 people, and many of them helped eat the 28-foot buckwheat hotcake slathered in butter and maple syrup. Sorry I missed the event.

Re: my stated intention on this road trip to make pictures with my "real" cameras didn't pan out. I made a few such pictures but the iPhone sucked me in again.