Civilized ku # 3680-81~ living in a paradise

View from the porch ~ Newcomb, NY / in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) • iPhone

Provisions ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

All settled in for a 5 week stay at Rist Camp. Looking forward to visits from friends and family but also to some time alone for picture making (the wife will only be here about half the time).

It is my intention, picture making wise, to focus on making ku (natural world) pictures. The issue I face when doing so is to avoid making the "standard" ain't-nature-grand-and-glorious cliche pictures. So, there will probably be some mucking about, picture making wise, while I try to find a grove that works for me.

FYI, for those interested in such things, the 5 prominent bottle labels in the Provisions picture represent-collectively-63 years of distilled spirits aging.