simulroid # 6 ~ spread 'em

(embiggenable) • iPhone / faux Polaroid

photobook spread ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

photobook spread ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone / faux snapshot

photobook spread ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone / faux Polaroid (Polamatic camera app)

Having recently mentioned my penchant for making POD photo books, it occurred to me that I had yet to make a photo book the intent of which was to showcase my iPhone-made pictures. So....

.... I decided now's the time and opened up my 2,200+ picture-ASIDE I have been seriously (addictively?) engaged in making iPhone pictures for the past 2 years. Almost exclusively so for the past year. END OF ASIDE-iPhone Snapshot folder in Adobe Bridge and immediately came to the realization that a "best of" iPhone photo book was out of the question. The thought of the time involved in selecting 30 or so "winners" from that heap-o'-pictures was not an attractive proposition.

Consequently, I decided to make an "annual" compilation, albeit not a calender year. Since I had made, a few days ago, an iPhone picture which I wanted in the book, I went back a year (to last March) and started the selection process.

I winnowed the collection down to 82 pictures which are presented on 16 2 page spreads + front and back covers. The work is also divided into 3 categories - "straight" pictures, snapshot-converted pictures and simulated Polaroid pictures (made using the Polamatic app which, after making the picture, spits out-with a pitch-perfect Polaroid whirling sound effect-the image on screen where you watch it slowly "develop"). The files + a brief intro page will be off to the POD book maker-1 set to Shutterfly (hard cover) and 1 to Parabo (soft cover)-tomorrow.

While I awaited the finished books, I am devoting some time to writing a Joy of iPhone Picture Making essay together with a brief how-to / techinque addendum. Both of those will be included in the final edition of the photo book. Copies of that book will be offered for sale in a limited edition and will also be submitted to a few photo book publishers for a possible press-run edition.