Civilized ku # 3682-85 ~ let there be light

all pictures ~ Rist Camp / Newcomb, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) • iPhone

One of things about Rist Camp is the ever changing, hour-to-hour / day-to-day, light coming through the windows. Or, for that matter, the light show over the mountains and lake. And, the place itself is so seductively comfortable that it's tempting to never leave the hilltop.

But leave it I will. There's golf, hiking, our canoes (1 tandem, 2 solos), a nice beach, a couple good restaurants and a world class museum to intice me to get off the porch. And, of course, I want to get out specifically to make some ku pictures.

By "specifically" I mean to get out with only the intention to make pictures. Something I don't do very often. My normal MO is to make pictures of whatever pricks my eye and sensibilities when I am out and about for other purposes. And, in fact, I find that going out for the purpose of making pictures to be a bit intimidating.

I believe that to be the case inasmuch as I feel that I am trying too hard-forcing myself, if you will-to find pictures rather than, as is most often the case, letting pictures come to me unbidden.

In any event, why let a little mental hang up stop me? Tomorrow, I'll be out and about looking for pictures. Wish me luck.