civilized ku # 5048-51 (people) ~ making the most of it

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Been away. Thursday last went to Hooksett, NH for a hockey tournament. Rented car in order to drive to Boston at 5:00AM Sunday to catch an 8:00AM flight to Philadelphia. Spent 12 hours on Sunday at a wedding - ceremony, reception, after -party, after after-party. Diner breakfast with in-laws on Monday AM then the 6.5 hour drive home where we arrived safe, sound and exhausted at around 7PM. Yesterday was devoted to R&R.

While at the wedding, I made some pictures, some of which were made by means of channelling my friend Mel's flash-on-camera shoot-from-the-hip - literally from the hip without the use of a viewfinder - B&W style of wedding photography. Although, I did take a few quick glances at the LED viewing screen.

Really like the results. It almost makes me want to attend more weddings. Almost, but not quite.