ku # 1414 / the new snapshot # 79-81 ~ an iPhone camera module update

Joy Garden (iPhone picture), Au Sable Forks, NY in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable)

 bridge in the chasm

looking up in the chasm

In my ongoing experiment with the iPhone 7 Plus camera module, I have found that the camera module is a more than competent picture making device. I have also found that the Snapseed photo editing app is quite proficient and very versatile as a bit of processing software. The Joy Gardenpictue in this entry was made using both.

And, although I have no way of illustrating it on the internet, I have been making very good looking 18"x18" prints from the iPhone made and processed / edited files. Prints that, when viewed from a print size appropriate distance, are virtually indistinguishable from prints of the same size made from a "real" camera with a 12mp sensor.

All-in-all, some very good stuff.