Simulated Polaroid # 50 ~ fakeu

Hotto Doggu ~ Montreal, QC. (embiggenable) • iPhone

While walking along a street in Montreal with the wife, I spontaneously broke out in a spasm of loud laughter. She stopped in her tracks, looked around for the cause of my laughter and, finding none (to her sensibilities), looked at me and said, "What?" The "what" for me was the Hotto Doggu sign across the street.

While I had never seen that nomenclature written but I had,in fact, heard it spoken many times during the 2 years (over 50 years ago) when I lived in Japan. At that time in Japan, when the Japanese (non English speaking) did not have a native language word or phrase for an English word or phrase, the letter "o" and/or "u" was most often tacked unto the end of the English word or phrase - the exception being when an English word ended in a vowel.

I and my English speaking friends thought that practice to be rather humorous in a quaint and somewhat enduring way. We often spoke to each other using that "o"/"u" insertion practice. And, just as I am certain that the signage in Montreal was not meant to be demeaning / condescending / hurtful in any way, my/our use of the "o"/"u" insertion practice was not meant to be so either.

That written, I am also certain that the signage was meant to self-deprecating humor. Because of my experience, I was able to get the jokeu.