Civilized ku # 5075 / the new snapshot # 42-45 ~ hut 2,3, 4, what the hell are we fighting for

Douglas MacArthur quote ~ US Military Academy , West Point • New York

Spent yesterday afternoon at West Point (US Military Academy) watching Hugo's hockey camp exhibition game and making iPhone camera module the new snapshot pictures. All of the pictures, including civilized ku # 5075, were made with the iPhone 7 Plus camera module.

The the new snapshot pictures and civilized ku # 5075 were initially processed on the iPhone using the Snapseed app and then send to my desktop computer for final standard civilized ku / ku workflow and the new snapshot simulated Wood Camera app effects workflow.

iMo, the iPhone camera module civilized ku picture is so remarkedly close in appearance to civilized ku pictures made with my "real" cameras, I would not hesitate for a picture making second to hang it alongside of a "real" camera-made civilized ku picture. In doing so, I believe very few viewers would be able to tell them apart. And, absolutely no viewer would be able to tell them apart when viewed from a normal picture viewing distance.