civilized ku # 4083 ~ "unimportant" referents

umbrellas ~ Manhattan / NYC, NY (click to embiggen)

I have been giving some thought making more pictures with my iPhone. Admittedly, the previously mentioned book, Office Romance by Kathy Ryan, with its exquisitely reproduced pictures has instigated this thinking.

However, the problem I will have to overcome in order to make more iPhone pictures is more difficult that it might sound. That is, I always have 2 cameras on my person when I am out and about and, when a picturing opportunity pricks my eye and sensibilities, my habit / instinct is to bring one of those cameras to my eye.

Other than pure smart phone toting snapshooters who, in most cases, don't own an actual camera, most serious amateurs religate their smart phone picturing to capturing referents deemed not worthy of employing the big gun or as a mere recorder of unimportant places and things. However, in my case, there are no unimportant referents once one has prick my eye and sensibilities.

In any event, I am headed out for another hockey weekend away from home during which I concentrate on looking for "unimportant" referents to picture with my iPhone.