civilized ku # 4063-66 (remains) ~ patinaed testaments

It should come as no surprise, at least not to me, after this past weekend's picturing spree - which included the not-what-they-used to-be pictures - that, after a search through my picture library, I have more than enough not-what-they-used to-be pictures to justify a new body of work. That written, while I believe the collection holds together, referent wise, I am bothered by the fact that there are, to my eye and sensibilities, two picturing M.O.s apparent in the work; 1. a structure pictured in its environment, and, 2. a structure pictured independent of its environment (see yesterday's entry).

iMo and to my eye and sensibilities, the first M.O. places the structure within the context of place whereas the second M.O., by means of emphasizing the divorced-from-environment-context relationships of color, shapes, and tones with the frame, is more graphical and, dare I write it, more Fine Art-ish.

At this time my intention is to be more accutely aware of picturing opportunities in order to add to the seen better days body of work. However, within that awareness I will be looking for referents which fall in the non-contextual and the contextual M.O.s with the intent of dividing the work into two separate - contextual / non-contextual - collections.