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(embiggenable) • iPhone

My fascination with my kitchen sink seems to know no bounds. I have made close to 100 pictures of the sink, not because I have an emotional or intellectual attraction to it, but because, on a somewhat frequent basis, my eye and sensibilities are pricked by visually interesting relationships of light and shadow or color or shapes or all of the aforementioned.

That written, I'll be away from my kitchen sink, this Sunday > Thursday, while I am away (near Boston) for a hockey showcase event, Hockey Night in Boston. Hugo (my grandson) has been recruited to play for Team Pittsburgh (PA) Sophomore-players entering their sophomore year in high school this fall. It's a highly-scouted very high level competition with players from 21 states and Canada. While he has been offered a spot-for his high school junior year-in the hockey prep program at a prep school, it nevers hurts to be seen.

During my trip, I will be posting blog entries. Fortunately, Squarespace has finally gotten up to speed on their blog software for iOS. It is essentially the same as their desktop software so I can creat entries without compromising my standard workflow.

Now, I'm off to the Adirondack Center for the Arts for this evening's opening reception of my solo exhibition, The Adirondack Snapshot Project ~ Mementos, Memories, Memory where I will give a talk about my project. Then, it's get in the car with Hugo (and his line mate) and drive to Boston.